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Thierry Boyer / Talent Web

Sponsor of G.Academy

“Brands are clearly aware of the positive power of influencers. We must now improve their level of satisfaction with these talented people who are ever more influential and better trained. Gaming Academy is a real plus in the structuring of the sector, and this is why I agreed to be the sponsor of the Entrepreneur Influencer Certification and to link it with Talent Web for the future.”

Theirry Boyer is the co-founder and Director General of Talent Web. Talent Web brings together the 1st network of influencers in France, including Norman, Cyprien, Squeezie, Andy and is one of the world leaders.



You will learn how to create videos, enliven your twitch and YouTube channels, broadcast your content through the acquisition of your first viewers and communication strategies in order to gain visibility. After having created your business, you will acquire skills to monetise your community and to generate a profit.

This intensive programme is built over two years with the possibility of joining G.Business School and obtaining the bachelor’s or master’s degree. Admission to these degrees is based on meeting the entry requirements to G.BS. Moving up to the next year is based on the grades and obtention of your various modules, US, UEI, UP and UE.

You can participate in the Entrepreneur Influencer Certification for all video games. Video game practice is geared towards “esportainment”

We have chosen to utilise project-based pedagogy. You will spend as much time on theory as on practice in order to transform your knowledge into skills

Good to know: do you want to be trained solely about the careers in the video game and esport industry? Gaming Business School offers a Bachelor’s and a Master’s in Video Game and Esport management.



You will have access to a variety of high quality equipment at Gaming Campus : filming and editing material, a streaming room, an IT room, an esport arena, a gym and more. The equipment is provided by our partner OMEN by HP, and the chairs by our partner Maxnomic. Visit Gaming Campus in 360.

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  • Karen Lo Pinto

    Coordinatrice G. Academy

  • Valérie Dmitrovic

    Directrice Générale Gaming Campus

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The entrepreneur influencer has a differentiating talent which allows them to develop a community around their brand and to monetise this (“esportainment”).

They broadcast their video gaming online, either live or on replay, and develop their profit with brands or selling their own products or services.

Adept on all video platforms, but notably streaming, the entrepreneur influencer masters numerous competencies around image, (video, sound, graphics) influence (public speaking, media training, social networks), and monetisation (publicity platforms, public companies, sale of products and services).

The entrepreneur influencer can create their own business or join a talent agency (Mixicom / Bang bang management) that will help them monetise their audience.

The most well-known French entrepreneur influencers in the video game sector are : Gotaga / Zerator / Domingo / Bruce Grannec / Mister MV / Laink et Terracid / Corobizar / Sardoche.


Our Career Centre will help you via concrete intensive work sessions throughout your time at G.Academy : CV and cover letters / online identity creation / strategy with the search for an internship / replying to offers / interview preparation.


Our partner businesses will offer us exclusive internships throughout the year. You will have access to these offers before anyone else. They will come on to campus and present their business in their business masterclass.


Access to the G.Academy is open to all students of over 18 (or will be 18 in 2019-2020). Acceptance is dependant on the capacities of the influencer/entrepreneur for the Entrepreneur Influencer Certification.

These tests are based on an aptitude interview. Finally, the selection will be done by our partners – Talent Web – for the Entrepreneur Influencer Certification.

If you decide to continue your studies after the G.Academy certification you can apply to the G.BS Bachelor’s degree, though you must satisfy the admissions criteria for this school and therefore must have a technological or general baccalaureate. Failing this, you can obtain a G.BS certification.

Selection procedure

There are 4 steps to applying to G.Academy:

  • Send your dossier
  • Be selected
  • Show your enthusiasm in an interview
  • Be selected by our partners

The selection criteria are based not only on the quality of the admission form but also on the desire of the student to evolve in the video game sector. The company Way of Live is helping us to refine the criteria. Applications for the 2019/2020 year are open.



To finance your studies, multiple options are available

Tuition fees are 7900€ per year for undergraduates enrolling in the 2019-2020 school year. The payment can be made in 1 or 3 instalments. Instalments of 10 are possible upon demand. Stopping your studies for a serious reason (serious illness or disability, accident, the death of a close relative) will end the instalments.